Requirements for adopting from Piggie Pals Rescue!


⁃ Any shed that they will be living in must be insulated/heated with access to lighting. You will need to provide photos of your set up, nothing else will be accepted (meaning links to web/social media pages, or a vague description of the set up).

⁃ Indoor accommodation must be available for them to be brought inside during colder weather/storms

⁃ Hutches must include covers to keep them dry/prevent wind chill.

Accommodation space

⁃ Indoor cage minimum size of 1.6m. We will provide a list of cages and hutches that are suitable for how ever many guinea pigs will be living in it.

⁃ Hutches must be 5ft (minimum) on one level.

⁃ Minimum of 2x4 for C&C cages for pairs of guinea pigs of both sexes is required.


⁃ When adopting any guinea pigs from Piggie Pals Rescue, you will be required to fill out an application form and sign our contract before taking your new guinea pigs home.

⁃ Any and all guinea pigs adopted from us have a lifetime guarantee, meaning they are welcome back at any time if your circumstances change and you can no longer care for or keep them.

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