Cages & hutches

On this page you’ll find a number of cages & hutches that we recommend when adopting from us!

2x4 C&C cage

The smallest C&C cage we would recommend for keeping piggies! It’s suitable for a pair of males & a pair of females!

2x5 C&C cage

This is the best size that we could recommend for both males and females, as it allows them to have their own space.

This cage is suitable for: a pair of males & up to three females.

2x6 C&C cage

For even extra room, a 2x6 is one of the largest cages on the market! Giving guinea pigs plenty of room is incredibly important as it allows them to exhibit natural behaviours.

this cage is suitable for: a pair of males & up to four females.

5ft chartwell hutch

Chartwell are a fantastic brand of hutch, they’re durable, well-made, and very spacious for your furry companions! We always recommend getting a hutch cover as well, to keep your piggies safe from chillier nights and rainy weather.

This hutch would be suitable for a pair of females.

6ft chartwell hutch

From the same brand as before, just bigger! This hutch is suitable for a pair of males, and up to three females.

6ft Bluebell Hideaway

Spacious and easily accessible, the bluebell hideaway is suitable for two males and up to three females.

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